Dump the Gunk: Remove Product Build-Up to Reveal Healthy, Shiny Hair

At Naturcolor, we live by the motto, “If my hair looks great, I can deal with anything life throws at me!” Can you relate? But what about those bad hair days?

Even though we don’t wish lousy hair days upon anyone, sometimes bad hair happens to good people. Our once lovely locks that have fallen flat can be blamed on environmental stressors, chemical overload, life transitions, or even seasonal changes, to name a few. That’s why it’s up to us to rejuvenate our hair back to life.

For most of us, our immediate reaction is to reach for more product, more moisture, more hair treatment, and even more salon time. These options can work, but after you’ve tried everything and your hair still looks lifeless, you’re likely in a hair rut due to product build-up.

So, what is product build-up? Product build-up is the subtle residue left behind from hair products and treatments that have not been thoroughly rinsed away. This is entirely normal and happens to anybody that uses serums, creams, oils, gels, and/or conditioning treatments in their hair.

From time to time, we simply must deep clean our hair with a clarifying treatment or purification routine that completely purges product build-up of all kinds. When we remove product build-up, we give our hair a new life, an ability to shine and move freely without the weight of all that residue. Free yourself of that hair rut and bring back the love for your hair in its squeaky-clean luster!

What are the signs that your hair is suffering from product build-up?

  • Visible Residue: At times, you can actually see product residue in your hair, in the form of flakes and dust that sit atop the strands and scalp. Think back to when you left in too much conditioner or piled the hair gel on a little too thick. This is a visible product build-up that should be clarified as soon as possible to preserve your hair and scalp.
  • Lackluster Locks: If your hair used to be shiny and lustrous but is now more dull, frizzy and lifeless, you may be suffering from product build-up. Often times, using too much hair product can clog the hair follicles and block your hair from growing long. Besides, product build-up weighs down the hair, so your hair cannot show its shiny luster and free movement beneath all that weight.
  • Oily Hair: Hair that is too oily is a result of overusing heavy creams, serums, treatments, and oils – especially when applied daily. Heed caution with regular usage of these heavier types of hair products because they will require more frequent hair clarifying treatments. Avoid products with silicone (and any ingredient that ends with “cone” which are likely silicone based ingredients), petrolatum, and mineral oil, as they are known culprits for extreme product build-up.
  • Hair Is Not Responding to Product: Another result of product build-up is when the hair simply cannot absorb any additional products. This can result in anything from lifeless curls to relentless grease, or frizzy, dry hair that cannot become moisturized. The products simply won’t absorb because they are competing with other product residues, and as a result, they cannot improve the condition of your hair. It’s time for a deep cleanse!

What can you do to remove product build-up?

  1. Try pairing an apple cider vinegar rinse with your regular hair care regimen. This is an effective Do-It-Yourself solution to balancing scalp oils and pH levels while removing product build-up, dirt, and grease. This clarifying natural remedy is effective for both oily and dry scalps, as the balancing effect of apple cider vinegar works wonders on either condition. Visit here to learn more about the positive impacts of an apple cider vinegar rinse along with basic instructions to get started.
  2. If a product feels dense or stubborn on your hair, cut it out of your regimen! Similarly, if a product makes your hair look good during the day but weighs it down or dries it out by night, it’s time to swap it out. If you see product residue such as flakes or oil build-up, upgrade your hair care to a product that responds well to your hair and does not leave visible build-up on your strands and scalp.

When is a good time to remove product build-up?

We recommend removing product build-up at least once per month if you maintain a regular hair care routine with creams, oils, gels, serums, and/or sprays. We also recommend removing product build-up as a preparatory step before coloring your hair. Naturcolor’s herbal based hair color works best when applied to clean hair that is product and build-up free. Your hair will better absorb the color for a more effective, vibrant, and shiny result from our more natural coloring treatment.

Lastly, remember to check in on your curls to make sure they are feeling vital and healthy. If you’ve tried everything and can’t find the fix – try a clarifying treatment to get your hair back to ground zero. Your locks will be full of life in no time!

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