Naturcolor Hair Care Products

Haircolor Gel is available in 31 colors, each color can be used alone or blended to create personalized hair colors. Handcrafted with the finest Italian pigments derived from botanicals and can be used repeatedly without damaging the hair, unlike harsh chemical colors.

Rejuvennis Shampoo is naturally derived and contains the perfect combination of homeopathic ingredients, amino acids, proteins and specifically selected ingredients to cleanse and nourish your hair, scalp and follicles. Designed to promote and maintain the health of both your hair and scalp, Rejuvennis Shampoo will aid in the repair of damaged hair and help to reduce hair breakage and loss. After regular use, hair will feel softer and have a shiny, healthy appearance. Available in 4, 8 and 16 fl oz.

Echinacea Herbacreme Conditioner is our hair conditioner that is sampled in every box of Naturcolor. It is safe for use on natural or color treated hair and it will not coat the hair with buildup like many conditioners do. You can leave it in your hair for 3 minutes for regular conditioning or for longer, as needed. Many people will apply this conditioner and wrap their hair with a towel in order to recondition their hair for longer periods of time. Once the conditioning treatment is over, rinse out with water. Leaves hair soft, moisturized and glossy. Available in 4, 8 and 16 fl oz.

Phytovitamin Tonic is a vitamin and nutrient concentrate made from a spagyrically processed blend of herbs that helps to balance scalp oils. Dry scalps and hair will be replenished with naturally occurring oils that are often removed by hair cleansing, bleaching, coloring, perming and from normal daily exposure to the sun and elements. With regular use 2-4 times per week, both dry and oily scalp conditions will neutralize to create the ideal balance for all hair and scalp types. This may result in shampooing less often because a balanced scalp stops producing excess oil. Phytovitamin Tonic does not contain alcohol or synthetic ingredients and will not build up on the hair. Available in a 1oz bottle.

After Color Treatment is a very mild shampoo that is sampled in every box of Naturcolor. It is designed specifically for use after the hair coloring process is complete. It is intended to gently remove any excess hair dye similar to a post-coloring rinse. The choice of shampoo that is used for this is very important because a shampoo that is too strong may remove some of the color that was just applied.

Choosing Your Color

The “N” (Natural) Series was specially formulated with the strongest pigments to “cover” gray. If your goal is to cover gray, begin with the choice of a color in the “N” series. The other color groups (C, M, R, D) are made with lighter pigments. They will color in a more transparent effect and are also designed to be mixed with the “N” Series when special custom tints or highlights are desired. When choosing a color, be aware that you cannot go from dark to light with Naturcolor. Subtle lightening of 1 to 2 shades is possible, but may involve multiple applications to achieve the desired result.

Natural Series

Copper Series

Golden Series

Mahogany Series

Ash Series

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