Q: Is Naturcolor permanent?
A: Yes.

Q: Can Naturcolor be used over other haircolors or henna?
A: Naturcolor can be used over virtually all other permanent hair colors. If you have used Henna, wait four to six weeks before using NATURCOLOR™ for best results. If you have recently used semi-permanent haircolor it is advised to wait until that color has completely faded away or has been removed.

Q: Should I apply Naturcolor to clean hair or dirty hair?
A: Naturcolor should be applied to clean and dry hair. Your hair should be free of dirt and any products such as conditioner, hair spray, gel, mousse, oils, henna, etc. If you have product buildup in your hair, you may consider using a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your hair in preparation for coloring.

Q: Will Naturcolor cover gray hair?
A: To cover gray hair you MUSTuse one of the Natural (N) series colors. However, you may add color enhancements by mixing in parts of any of the other colors: Ash (C), Mahogany (M), Copper (R) or Golden (D).

Q: Will Naturcolor lighten my hair color?
A: Naturcolor cannot be used to drastically lighten hair color. Naturcolor’s mild formulation may allow for subtle lightening. It is not recommended to apply a color that is more than 2 shades lighter than your existing color. Naturcolor is typically used to cover gray hair while matching your existing color, or for coloring to a darker shade.

Q: How do I blend more than one color together?
A: Naturcolor colors can be combined to achieve “custom colors”. We do not recommend mixing the Ash Series (C) with the Golden Series (D) as these colors will cancel each other out. Using the applicator bottle provided, pour in the desired amount of colors you are combining. Once you are finished measuring your color combination, add an equal amount of Naturfix Developer. For example, 30ml of color A plus 30ml of color B is 60ml of total color. Add 60ml Naturfix Developer creating a total of 120ml of product (30+30+60=120). Always mix color and developer in equal proportions (1:1).

Q: When blending colors, are there helpful tips you can provide?
A: Blending colors most commonly occurs when a person is using a Natural Series (N) color to cover gray, but wants to amend the color by adding in other color(s) to achieve a custom color that will also cover gray hair. For custom blending, use the N Series color of your choice with Mahogany (M), Copper (R), Golden (D) or Ash (C) in the following proportions:

  • 50ml N Series plus 10ml of a secondary color(s) = Light enhancement
  • 40ml N Series plus 20ml of a secondary color(s) = Medium enhancement
  • 30ml N Series plus 30ml of a secondary color(s) = Full enhancement

Common mixtures include, but are not limited to:

  • 5N with 5M = dark brown with mahogany tones
  • 7N with 7R = dark blonde with auburn tones
  • 6N with 5R = medium brown with auburn tones
  • 8N with 7C = Ash blonde
  • 8N with 6C = Dark ash blonde
  • 8N with 8D = Medium blonde with Golden highlights

Once you have mixed the developer into the color(s) that product has been activated and must be used immediately. Color(s) and developer that have not been mixed together can be saved, tightly capped in the original bottles, and used for a later application.

Q: Can Naturcolor be used for applying highlights or lowlights?
A: Naturcolor cannot guarantee these results so these processes are best left to professional hairdressers. Subtle highlights may be achieved by streaking a lighter color through the hair. You may get mild lifting of one to two levels, which may appear as subtle color variations rather than highlights. Lowlights may be achieved by applying a darker color in a streak. You will get as much deposit (darkness) as the color you choose. Use caution to apply the lighter or darker colors only to areas you wish to be affected.

Q: How often can I color using Naturcolor?
A: While it should only be necessary to color every 4 to 6 weeks (depending upon how quickly your hair grows), you can color more often than this as long as your hair is in good condition. If your hair is damaged you must use a hair conditioner to restore the health of your hair before coloring again.

Q: Can Naturcolor be used on permed hair?
A: Yes, we recommend waiting a minimum of one week between perming and then coloring.

Q: Will Naturcolor work on a beard or moustache?
A: Yes, apply and allow to set for 45 minutes before washing out. For re-coloring long beards please refer to our “touch up” instructions.

Q: Will Naturcolor work on eyebrows or eyelashes?
A: Naturcolor should never be used near the eyes.

Q: What shampoo should I use?
A: We offer compatible accessory productsincluding shampoo. To prevent fading, it is best to use a shampoo with mild surfactants. Generally speaking, shampoos that are formulated for color treated hair should be used.

Q: Are there ingredients that I should avoid in order to maintain my hair color?
A: Yes. We recommend avoiding products that do not specifically say “made for color treated hair” or any that contain alcohol, citrus, tea tree oil or essential oils. No shampoos with an oil base, nor any that contain animal proteins or keratinized hair protein should be used.

Q: Do I have to use the shampoo and conditioner samples provided in the box?
A: No. While we recommend using them, it is not necessary. Instead, you may thoroughly rinse your hair with water to ensure that all of the excess product has been removed once the coloring process is complete. You may also use a shampoo or conditioner of your choice, however, please note that the hair color is most vulnerable just after the process is complete. Using a shampoo that is too strong may fade or remove the color that you’ve just applied.

Q: What recommendations can you give to maintain my haircolor?
A: Virtually everything that haircolor is exposed to can have an effect on it. This includes the hardness of your water, sun exposure, chlorine from a swimming pool, medications you may take, etc. One of the most important factors is what hair care products you use on your colored hair. Shampoos, conditioners and styling products should be reviewed and assessed if they are compatible. If it doesn’t say “made for color treated hair” it probably is not.

Q: Can I use Naturcolor if I am pregnant or nursing?
A: Every person is different and while most people will have no problem at all we cannot guarantee that Naturcolor is safe or compatible for everyone, pregnant or not. We recommend that everyone perform a skin sensitivity test before applying the color because of this concern. The same goes for expecting mothers or new mothers – only testing or a doctor who is familiar with any specific health concerns you may have can determine if it is safe.

Q: I’ve used Naturcolor before. Do I still need to perform the skin sensitivity test?
A: Yes, the skin sensitivity test should be performed before each color application.

Q: The dye stained my skin. How do I remove it?
A: While this is unusual, it may sometimes occur. If you have any of the Naturfix Developer remaining, apply a small amount and scrub the area. Lemon juice or any citrus juice may also be effective. Salt can be added to the juice for added scrubbing action.

Q: How do I pre-treat my stubborn gray hair?
A: If applying Naturcolor as directed did not cover your gray hair, you may consider pre-treating stubborn hair before re-coloring. Please note that the pre-treatment is intended for select areas only, most commonly the temples, and not the entire head of hair. While wearing the provided gloves, apply Naturfix Developer to the stubborn area using a Q-tip or cotton ball. After 10 minutes, wipe the area clean with a damp paper towel and immediately proceed with coloring as usual. Do not use a good towel when wiping the area clean as the developer may cause discoloration.

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