Five Botanicals To Rejuvenate Your Hair

Locks looking lifeless? Have no fear! There are many ways to restore and replenish hair that do not include expensive treatments in the salon, nor high-end chemical products that break the bank. In fact, we recommend avoiding a costly or short-lived chemical fix, as it can be quite harsh on your hair and scalp, which runs the risk of additional damage to overworked hair.

At Naturcolor, we believe in the power of plants to restore and revive stressed tresses. Botanical remedies are incredibly gentle, yet effective in treating lifeless hair.

Botanicals have been used for centuries to promote healthy hair from the inside out. Naturcolor provides botanically derived products, from hair colors to tonics to shampoos, to give you the best in natural hair care. Click here to explore our full line of effective botanical hair care products.

Here are five beautiful botanicals to incorporate into your hair regimen with our herbal-based hair color, shampoo and conditioner to revitalize your locks:

Aloe Vera
Aloe vеrа is an excellent addition to botanical remedies for several different types of hair conditions. Aloe соntаinѕ over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, B2, B6, B12, C and E to rejuvenate and replenish your hair. The superpowers in aloe vera help with hair regrowth and reduced hair loss, while soothing and moisturizing irritated and dry scalps. Plus, aloe vera naturally shines your hair as it cleanses and clarifies oily hair.

Eсhinасеа is a powerful botanical for promoting hair growth and eliminating dandruff. Bursting with anti-microbial properties and high in Vitamin C, it is touted for its ability to reveal silkier, smoother and shinier hair. Echinacea is best used as an ingredient in a shampoo or a hair treatment.

Our favorite way to incorporate this power flower into your daily hair regimen is with our Echinacea Herbacreme Conditioner. We believe in this conditioner so much that we provide FREE samples in every box of Naturcolor. It is safe for use on both natural and color-treated hair and will not coat the hair with product build-up like other conditioners.

To use Echinacea Herbacreme Conditioner, distribute the product evenly throughout your hair for at least 3 minutes for regular conditioning, or for longer if you are seeking a deep conditioning treatment.

For more extended treatments, we recommend coating the hair, root to end with conditioner, and then wrapping the hair with a towel to leave the treatment in for several hours, or even overnight. Once the conditioning treatment is over, rinse with water to promote soft, moisturized, and glossy hair.

Echinacea Herbacreme Conditioner $15.95

Antioxidants are great for our skin and overall health, but did you know that they are absolutely essential to fabulous hair? Pumpkins are bursting with antioxidants that have an impressive impact on scalp and hair health.

Vitamin E, found in pumpkins, is revered for enhancing blood circulation to the scalp, while also healing and soothing irritations that may be obstructing healthy hair growth. Also, pumpkin is high in Vitamin C, which revitalizes hair follicles by boosting collagen synthesis in the scalp. This is why pumpkin seed oil is often a go-to botanical in hair thinning and hair loss treatments.

Nettle Root
This wild botanical features serrated-edged lеаvеѕ that are covered with finе hairs or ѕрinеѕ that ѕting when tоuсhеd. This efficacious herb is believed to block the conversion of testosterone intо DHT and is therefore touted as a hair loss supplement, for both topical and internal consumption.

There are many ways to utilize nettle in stimulating hair growth. Add nettle to supplement your daily diet by taking whole herb nettle capsules, adding a gentle nettle tincture, or even steeping stinging nettles in hot water for your very own homemade nettle tea tonic.

Topically, you can massage nettle oil into your scalp and cover your hair and scalp with a towel before bed at night once per week. Rinse the nettle oil with shampoo as usual in the morning.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil, known for its fantastic ability to moisturize dry hair, invigorates lifeless locks and restores nutrients to overworked tresses. Nutrient-rich jojoba oil conditions by penetrating deep inside the hair fiber. Because jojoba oil’s composition is almost identical to the skin’s natural moisture barrier, it works with your body’s natural hydration system without interfering with the natural balance of your scalp and skin.

Apply a minimal amount of jojoba oil to the ends of your hair to moisturize split ends and smooth flyaways all day long. Or, increase to a dime-sized amount from roots to ends, which will provide a more intensive hair treatment. Keep the jojoba oil in your hair for at least one hour or leave on overnight for an even deeper conditioning treatment if you have extremely dry hair.

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