Hair Color That Works for Your Healthy Lifestyle

If you color your hair with conventional dyes, you know how tough it is on your hair. Harsh chemicals in the formulas can make your hair dry and brittle, and may even cause breakage. Then there’s the toll those chemicals – including some pretty nasty ones like ammonia and lead acetate – take on your health as they make their way from your scalp into your bloodstream and then into your organs.

Well, that’s not pleasant. It hardly makes sense to use a chemical based hair color when you’re making all that effort to be healthy in every other area of your life, from eating organic to cleaning your home with chemical-free, earth-friendly products.

Covering a little gray or going more auburn shouldn’t be a health hazard. It shouldn’t make your eyes water or your scalp itch. It should be as blissful as a spa experience and result in strong, nourished, vibrant hair – and you.

That’s what you get when you choose herbal-based hair color. Naturcolor’s formulas are handmade from gentle, non-abrasive ingredients instead of harsh chemicals – and what’s in them is as important as what isn’t. We make them using plants and herbs that people have used for centuries for strong, resilient hair that wouldn’t fall out – plants like burdock, traditionally used to nourish hair and relieve scalp irritation because it’s rich in phytosterols, essential fatty acids, and vitamins that improve blood circulation on the scalp.

We’re also fans of gotu kola and sage, which have been embraced as a treatment for hair loss down through the ages because they strengthen hair follicles and nourish the scalp. Sage also intensifies hair color, something Egyptians knew as early as 5,000 years ago.

Hops, another star in our herbal lineup, is rich in silica, which strengthens and fortifies hair, and antioxidants, which tone it – and yes, that’s why you’ve heard that rinsing your hair with beer will make it shiny. Silica- and sulfur-rich nettles, a traditional remedy for hair loss and dandruff, leave hair oh-so shiny and silky. Lavender and rosemary, which have both been found to promote hair growth in animal studies, give our formulas their magical aroma.

We blend these and a few other time-tested herbs with rich shea butter, which West Africans have used to nourish and moisturize their hair for thousands of years. Shea butter is packed full of essential fatty acids that nourish and protect the hair and seal in moisture, leaving hair feeling like satin.

With herbal-based hair color, you get the best of all worlds: gorgeous color and time-tested nutrition for your hair. Plus, you get to stop looking past the damage conventional hair dyes are doing to people’s and the planet’s health.

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