How to Embrace Your Gray Hair

While some go immediately to hide or cover up their grays, we say – show off that hard-earned silver! Let’s make the most of stately gray manes by embracing all stages of gray, from salt and pepper to silver, platinum and white.

There has never been a time where gray, silver and white hair has been more popular, with more and more young people dying their hair gray as a fashion statement. There is no longer a gray haired stigma – silver strands are right on trend.

Here are some ways to step into your graying tresses with grace, style and ease:

Be Patient
Going gray is a process, and it doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with a silver strand or two, maybe a section of gray streaks or a demarcation line where some of your colorful strands have lost their pigment. Sometimes the transition can be tough, awkward or downright frustrating.

Be patient with the process and welcome the grays in by remembering that this is all part of the process of graceful aging. In transition is a great time to experiment with color blending, so that your grays can seamlessly work into your hair without covering up your gray hair entirely nor sacrificing style during the transition.

Blend Instead of Color
When your grays are coming in and the color grows out, avoid the zebra effect with color blending. NATURCOLOR is an herbal-based permanent hair color gel is specifically designed for blending gray hairs with color, rather than masking them with chemical dyes. Our natural dye changes or enhances existing hair color, while blending grays in a way that looks natural, elegant and beautiful. It is designed for those who are ecologically minded, as well as those that may be coloring their hair for the first time.

This is a great option for those who are looking to blend rather than cover their natural hair, embracing beautiful gray strands while also getting creative with color at home. Find your perfect shade for blending using our online color finder.

Moisture and Shine
Gray hair can often be thicker and less oily than naturally pigmented hair. Though gray hair can get brittle, dry and unruly as a result, it is time to take moisture and radiance into your own hands with leave-in moisturizers. We love Phytovitamin Tonic  – our vitamin and nutrient concentrate made from a spagyrically processed blend of herbs that helps to balance scalp oils. Dry scalps and hair will be replenished with naturally occurring oils that are often removed by hair cleansing, bleaching, coloring, perming and from normal daily exposure to the sun and elements.

With regular use 2-4 times per week, both dry and oily scalp conditions will neutralize to create the ideal balance for your gray hair to thrive. Phytovitamin Tonic does not contain alcohol or synthetic ingredients and will not build up on the hair, which is great for ensuring that grays do not go limp and lifeless from product build up. This hair tonic will smooth your hair cuticles to provide shiny, healthy tresses that are moisturized and softer to the touch.

Love Yourself
Going gray can be regal, stately and elegant if you so choose. Many women report that they receive more compliments than ever when having gone gray. Gray hair is often associated with wisdom and maturity – two hard earned assets expressed through this graceful expression of aging.

The many shades and stages of gray and blended gray can be expressive, elegant and gorgeous. Confidence is the number one most attractive feature for men and women alike, so step into your gray gracefully and rock it! Remember that you are radiant, inside and out.

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