To Wash or Not to Wash? Busting A Common Hair Coloring Myth

Perhaps you are new to the world of hair coloring, or maybe you are a seasoned hair color veteran. You may be seeking a professional hair color treatment or are considering a Do It Yourself at-home hair color kit. No matter where your preferences lie, an all-too-common question in hair care is ‘Should my hair be clean or dirty for the hair coloring process?’

We’re here to help bring clarity to this question for anybody considering a color upgrade.

Myth #1: It is better to dye your hair when it is dirty, rather than clean.

Coloring hair while it is dirty stems from the idea that your hair’s oils will protect the hair and scalp from the harsh chemicals found in conventional hair dyes. Chemically based dyes will power through dirt and product residue to still color the hair, while the dirt and oils provide the scalp with a level of protection against the harsh chemical dye.

With natural, botanically based colors, such as Naturcolor, it is unnecessary to shield the hair and scalp with natural oils from dirty hair. Naturcolor products are carefully crafted for sensitive skin and a healthy scalp. Naturcolor actually requires clean hair for optimal results, and will not irritate even a clean, unprotected scalp. 

Myth #2: Hair color adheres better to clean, freshly washed hair.

When the hair color does not need to eat through product build-up, dirt and oil, the color takes to the hair strand faster and more effectively.

Freshly washed hair creates a better canvas for all-over-coverage, as the color will be absorbed more consistently, resulting in a more even application. This is especially important for all-over color changes and covering gray hairs. The Naturcolor ‘clean slate’ approach to hair color will improve the effectiveness and longevity of the color.

If you are using a more conventional, chemical dye, you may want to value the health of your strands and scalp over the dye’s efficiency by keeping your natural oils intact.

In Conclusion: Keep it Clean
Hair color takes best to clean, freshly washed hair. Only when using chemically harsh dyes, proceeding with dirty hair may be recommended so that your hair’s oils can protect the hair and scalp from lasting damage.

Not all hair colors are created equal. Some hair colors inflict greater damage on the hair and scalp, stripping its natural pigments and oils due to harsh chemicals, fillers, bleaches and additives.

Naturcolor’s herbal based hair colors use gentle and botanically derived ingredients that are significantly kinder to the hair and scalp. Naturcolor products provide a safe solution to hair color for chemically sensitive people. Every effort has been made to substitute safe, natural ingredients for the harsh, and often dangerous chemicals that pervade the hair-care industry.

To wash or not to wash? For best results, we recommend a more natural color on squeaky clean hair.

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